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We have sold most of our porcelain doll items which are now all housed in one storage unit in Pomona, NY. It contains all that is left of the doll molds, doll porcelain painted heads and unpainted head and body parts which are listed on this site. You would need to come to the 10' X 10' storage unit to pick them up. Shelvs etc are included. The price is $500 or the best offer. Reply to Joan Obe via .

Order by MAIL only. I have been having trouble with my computer. Order and pay for items to PO BOX 6. POMONA, NY 10970.

Porcelain Doll Molds

MOLDS: Most of the new molds have been sold, but there are still some new molds left. Most of the new ones are the recent modern molds

Some of the listed molds have been ordered. They will be noted as sold once they have been shipped. You should reserve the ones you want now.

Email for availability and pricing. Bulk orders will receive a discount.

Only head molds are listed below. Many more body molds are available as well. Inquire about body molds if you need them.

Porcelain Doll Head Molds Price List

Mold #Doll NameManufacturerSizePartPriceOther
DM097MOD Clown Joey Bass River  14"  Head   $10 Shipping TBD
DM050MOD Dumplin Bella Babina  25"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
DM066MOD Rosebud Bella Babina    Head  Free Shipping TBD
DM062MOD Caleb Boots  20"  Head  Free Shipping TBD
DM058MOD Jessica Byron  20"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
DM078MOD Drowsy Baby Doll Art Works  12"  Head  $10 Shipping TBD
DM038 Flossie Doll Art Works  28"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
DM013 Anissa Donna's Children  28"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
DM098MOD Clown Duncan  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
DM057MOD Aaron Expressions  28"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
DM045MOD Benjamin Expressions  28"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
DM113 Hiliary Expressions  28"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
DM027 Willow Expressions  18"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD SOLD
DM105 Martina IMSCO  20"  Head  $15 Shipping to be determined 1 has been sold but I have another head but I think the body parts were sold with the other head. SOLD
DM018 Tippy Lasting Impressions  28"  Head  $15 Body parts are available for this doll. Shipping to be determined.
DM063MOD Serenity Mystic  24"  Head  $10 Shipping TBD
DM096MOD Karlyn Prestige  9"  Head  $10 Shipping TBD
DM043MOD Oliver Seeley's  22"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
DM015 Sweetness Seeley's  20"  Head  $10 Shipping TBD
OM001 Mask- 2 masks in 1 mold 2020 Seeleys  Medium    $15 Shipping TBD
DM089MOD Angel Seeleys  28"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
DM092MOD Daisy Garland Seeleys  28"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
DM094MOD Eve Seeleys  20"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
OM002 face mask-wall 2021 Tragedy Seeleys  large 1 mask in mold    $15 Shipping TBD
DM086MOD Katrina Seeleys  28"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
OM004 Mask - Comedy 2022 Seeleys  Large    Free TBD
OM003 Mask 2024 Seeleys  Large    $20 Shipping TBD
DM061MOD My Princess Seeleys  22"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
DM049MOD Swiss Heidi/Peter Seeleys  25"  Head  $15 Shipping TBD
BP004 V-036L Vicki Molds  24"  Left arm  $10 Shipping to be determend
BP002 V-233R Vicki Molds  26-28"  Right leg   $10 Shipping to be determined
BP003 V-235 Vicki Molds  28" Male  Lower Torso  $10 Shipping to be determined